Professional Indemnity & Management Liability

Professional Indemnity & Management Liability

EasternEquity_ProfessionalIndemnity(nomarks)PROFESSIONAL INDEMNITY INSURANCE

Is an essential cover for professionals to have to help protect your business and personal assets
Professional Indemnity will indemnify the Insured for protection against financial liability arising from a breach of professional duty (act, error or omission) committed by a professional in the conduct of their business.
It covers the costs and expenses of defending such claims

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Business can experience unwelcome surprises that could potentially threaten their financial position leaving their owners and managers exposed to personal liability and the business under threat.

Increased regulation has heightened the operating risk for businesses of all sizes, Management Liability insurance is one way they can help protect themselves against ‘Unwelcome Surprises’

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Directors & Officers Liability
Protection for any claim alleging a wrongful act, for example misrepresentation, negligence, breach of duty by a Director or Officer.

Employment Practices Liability
Cover for claims alleging an employment breach such as discrimination, harassment or wrongful dismissal and more.

Statutory Liability
Provides cover for any formal investigation by a regulatory, government, professional or other authorised institution. Cover includes defence costs and any resulting statutory fine.

Company Expenses
Provides cover for the Company for the costs incurred in defending third party claims. Extended to provide cover for fidelity losses and tax audit costs