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Accident and Health Insurance Specialists

At Eastern Equity Insurance Brokers, we offer Australian business owners, contractors and sole traders a range of accident and health insurance options that provide benefits due to death or permanent disability through accidental injury, or weekly benefits for temporary disablement due to accident, injury or sickness.

We can also offer a range of accident and health insurance options designed to cover Australian volunteer organisations and sporting clubs.

Eastern Equity Insurance Brokers can provide policies that cover loss of income, medical costs, injury and illness, and our team of high experienced insurance brokers can advise you as to the type and extent of the cover you need for maximum protection, as well as guiding you through the claims process.

Our brokers work with clients in Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Hobart, as well as regional centres such as Gold Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong, Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat, Mildura, Lismore, Alice Springs and Mt Gambier.

Whatever the size of your business or organisation, or the industry or sector you work in, we can design insurance cover that protects you and your employees, including:

  • Individual personal accident and illness insurance

  • Group personal accident insurance

  • Sporting injury insurance

  • Volunteer worker insurance

Individual Personal Accident and Illness

We can provide cover for employees, small business owners or sole traders that can cover for you for loss of earnings due to accident or illness, with weekly benefits payable for up to 104 weeks for accidents or injuries that results in temporary total disablement. You can also be covered so that you receive a lump sum on death or if an accident results in permanent injuries or disability. We can also arrange flexible policies that cover you 24/7 or just during working hours.

Travel and Expatriate Medical Insurance

Eastern Equity Insurance Brokers can provide cover for you or your employees when you’re travelling on business, travelling to and from work, or expatriate medical cover when you or your employees are working abroad for an extended period of time. This can include 24/7 cover anywhere in the world. We can also offer accident and health insurance cover for overseas non-residents working temporarily working in Australia.

Sporting Injury Insurance

For sports clubs and other organisations running sporting activities, we can provide insurance options that cover your members and participants for injuries or illness they sustain when they are training or playing. This can include features such as income protection and covering the cost of medical treatment and physical rehabilitation.

Volunteer Worker Insurance

If you’re an organisation that relies on volunteers, we can offer a range of specialist insurance options that cover individuals and groups engaged in voluntary work. Policies can cover volunteers for medical costs resulting from injury or illness, as well as loss of income.