Broadacre Crop Insurance

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Broadacre Crop Insurance Against a Range of Risks

Our broadacre crop insurance cover is designed to protect your summer and winter crop yield against extreme weather conditions such as hail, catastrophic events like fire, as well as other risks that can damage your crops and reduce or destroy a harvest, such as stock intrusion, transit and storage loss.

Eastern Equity Insurance Brokers work with you to understand your business needs and ensure that you have the right levels of cost-effective cover in place so that you have peace of mind and can plan for the future with greater certainty and confidence.

We provide insurance cover for the Australian rural sector that takes into account both the complexities of your individual business as well as the challenges posed by your location and climate.

Our brokers work with clients across all major horticulture growing areas including Broken Hill, Mildura, the Sunraysia District of Victoria & NSW, and the Riverland in South Australia.

Speak to our specialist broadacre crop insurance brokers about how to protect your crop income against potential risks, along with cover for your other essential assets. We provide cover in all broad acre farming sectors, including viticulture, horticulture, stone fruit, vegetables and nuts.