Cyber Risk Insurance


Cybersecurity is no longer a problem for IT departments alone. It has become an enterprise-wide challenge, and tackling it starts at the highest level. However, in most cases, much of the damage and disruption caused by cyber crime is not covered under standard insurance products.

We are experts in providing specialist cyber risk insurance cover for Australian businesses and so can help you to address the many cybersecurity challenges we all face every day. A cyberattack or breach can cause direct financial loss, damage and/or disruption to business operations. It can also give rise to third party liabilities if a negligent or malicious online act results in identify theft, credit card fraud, invasion of privacy or any number of other losses.

Eastern Equity Insurance Brokers provides comprehensive cover that is designed specifically to protect your business from a cyber event by providing response costs, protecting your revenue stream, and defending and protecting you against third party liability suits.

We specialise in protecting businesses (large and small) from cyber risks to every IT facet of their business – hardware, software, networks and employee error. Protecting your business against losses associated with cyber risk makes good financial sense and should be a key component of your cyber risk mitigation strategy.

Cover is available for businesses across Australia, including Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Hobart.

Our team can provide guidance on related cyber risk issues, such as:

  • Data loss

  • Business interruption

  • Network security liability

  • Media liability

  • Data privacy breaches

  • Cyber extortion liability